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13 Jul Crisis of Purpose Over

My friend Alana wrote a post about struggling with a crisis of purpose in her life. I responded with an open letter that I had been meaning to write to her anyway. Now she has returned the favor with a letter that is sweet enough to make me uncomfortable about showing it to anyone else...

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09 Jul Donor Issues Come Up

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a current donor wrote in to the DSR Listserve with issues concerning contact with families that has used his sperm. I'll post his note here- and the response that I sent in to the Listserve. I feel a great deal of empathy for both parties and this is one of the reasons that I...

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09 Jul More on What Kind of Film

Back to how to make this a film. I ran into a friend the other day and I told him about how I was working on this film. For years now I have had a pretty clear sense of the first 20 minutes- so it's kind of easy for me to kick off- but then it spirals into the unknown...

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09 Jul My Father’s Wedding Speech

Earlier today, I mentioned a speech that my father made at my wedding. My mother dug it up and emailed it to me. It's shorter than I remember and twice as prescient 12 years later. I would like to share with you the secret of successful living -- filmmaker’s version. Central casting has assigned you a role in The Human Comedy. You...

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