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22 Mar We’re in the Home Stretch

After well over six years of shooting, and two solid years of editing, our latest film project, Battle of Brooklyn, is starting to become a movie.  Over the next three months we hope to finish post production and premier it at a major film festival. The film chronicles the efforts of community activists struggling to save their homes, and their community,...

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06 Dec tv vs. reality

We've been very busy the last few weeks - mostly focusing on Battle of Brooklyn - but also working on tv projects. It's interesting because tv and reality are so separate. I have spent years working on the donor film off and on- a lot of it is mental. Reading, thinking, processing and trying to figure out how to put...

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27 Oct Day 2 EFT- I’m just saying

So, I have done the EFT thing a few times now and while i don't know that it's having any major effect I have to say I think I'm a bit more relaxed. In fact, my wife was a bit frustrated last night after dinner as she thought that I was kind of tuning out- but in retrospect realized that...

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26 Oct it gets deeper

I mentioned my craniosacral massage to my friend Gus the other night and he told me that he had been regularly going to acupuncture. It got him interested in the mechanics of it all so he started researching on the internet and stumbled across EFT or emotion free therapy. I'm not going to go into the details - but it involves...

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