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14 Jul You Look Like a Jew (it’s an obscure reference to a band)

Pussy Galore, in all of their transgressive glory, called a song "You Look Like a Jew". It was a great song actually- off of a great record. There's this squirrely guitar line with "primative" (i.e. heavy simple and awesome) drumming with some mumbled lyrics that end with a shout of "You look like a Jew". I was thinking about that song...

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14 Jul Oh Death – at 27

I just saw a post on the NY Times about 27 year old artist named, Dash Snow, dying of an overdose. One commenter mentioned that a dash of snow does a lot of damage to the body- and another praised his polaroids. Both commenters were dead on. I had never seen his work, nor heard of him- partly because as a...

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13 Jul Crisis of Purpose Over

My friend Alana wrote a post about struggling with a crisis of purpose in her life. I responded with an open letter that I had been meaning to write to her anyway. Now she has returned the favor with a letter that is sweet enough to make me uncomfortable about showing it to anyone else...

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09 Jul Donor Issues Come Up

As I mentioned in an earlier post, a current donor wrote in to the DSR Listserve with issues concerning contact with families that has used his sperm. I'll post his note here- and the response that I sent in to the Listserve. I feel a great deal of empathy for both parties and this is one of the reasons that I...

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