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19 Jun Sperm Donor Op-Ed

At the bottom of this post is an op-ed of sorts that I have written that relates to a film that I have begun to work on about the nature of family. I have been taking notes and talking to people about the issues but i feel like this is a film that can't really form in a vacuum- so...

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18 Apr War Propoganda by Doctor Suess

Before Ted Geisel wrote about Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in The Hat, he was in the army making short hype films. Thanks to noted film preservationist Dennis Nyback you can now see them...

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21 Jan Change: Obama Goes From Open Source to Microsoft

At noon yesterday, was taken over by Obama's web team, and it's running on Windows ASP. How ironic that Obama's campaign site and had been running on an open source LAMP stack. Now that he's been officially sucked into the abyss of government, it's back to closed source systems. Let's hope the new tech czar shifts to OS....

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