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24 Nov All the Rage Doctor Spotlight Dr.Stracks

What interested you in mind body related medicine? I had my own pain issues many years ago, even before I went to medical school, that I managed to solve by reading Dr. Sarno’s book and doing the writing exercises is Dr. Schechter’s workbook. Every since I discovered that the body could express what the mind wasn’t able to, I...

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19 Nov Sarno Success Story

How long did you have pain and what did your doctors/others tell you about your future? I had pain for nearly a year before I met with Dr. Sarno. I was desperate, had stopped running and pain was controlling my life. The osteopath I saw for my pain told me I should never run again, and that if I did it...

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31 Jan Dr.Schecter

We interviewed Dr. Schecter for our film.  This is his own video that I just came upon- and thought I'd share.  The key point is FEAR.  Fear of continued pain often drives the problem.  Think psychological- not physical- slow down and be mindful of what your body is telling you - that you often don't want to hear. ...

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30 Jan The way we look at stress

  This video came to me via my friend Alana via facebook via upworthy via youtube via TED. We live in a world in which ideas bounce around like rubber balls on a linoleum covered floor, and I think that can be a good thing.  However, it can also be extremely confusing. The focus of this video is stress, and our relationship...

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21 Nov The Power of Sharing

I have not had the time or bandwidth to work on “Story of Pain” recently because I have been dealing with another project that has been demanding all of my energy.  In fact it’s been demanding so much of my attention that the stress has led to a bout of severe pain, cramping, and numbness in my foot.  As such,...

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11 Aug More Pain Equals More Gain

I just saw this article on the front page of Yahoo.  This piece outlines the 10 most common reasons for doctor visits, from an investor's perspective.  Where some people see pain, others see opportunity.  However, if one is looking through the mindbody frame the results signal an opportunity for relief. Here are the 10 most common reasons the Mayo Clinic listed...

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