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Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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Author: Michael Galinsky


I often think of that Talking Heads song that goes, "You may ask yourself, where did I get this beautiful car, where did I get this beautiful wife, how did I get here?" The older I get the more prophetic it is. Simple decisions, such as what neighborhood to live in have such profound impacts on our lives, who we...

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10 Aug The River Flows

Last Night I went to a screening of a friends film. This friend is a one-man band and after three years of working on the film he’s done- finished- kaput. However, I still have some notes for him….. It is a great film, but it could be better, and I believe, reach a much wider audience with a few tweaks. After...

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07 Aug Fame and Fortune

This has been a very intense, but positive, week on a number of fronts. For the past couple of years we have been struggling with our direction as filmmakers. We've spent a lot of energy developing TV projects, not out of a love for TV, but instead because it is nearly impossible to raise funds for the kind of films that...

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04 Aug The Doors Spin Wildly

The revolving door between government and industry doesn't just exist in the armed services and financial fields. A lot of the issues at play in our film, "A Battle in Brooklyn" (click on link to see discussion of title) have to do with the revolving door between developers and the government and the government/developers and journalism. It's difficult to find a...

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04 Aug Gil Scott-Heron Article

There's a pretty amazing Gil Scott-Heron article in this weeks New Yorker. It's a rare piece of writing that reads like a well edited documentary film. So much of the time, even in good articles, the writing is almost as much about the writer as it is about the subject. It's kind of understandable that this would be the case, because...

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03 Aug What’s In A Name?

As we get closer to having a finished film, we've started to focus increasingly on our plans for it. While strategizing about distribution, we are also thinking about presentation. The most important aspect of presentation is the name. For at least a year we have been working with the title "Battle of Brooklyn." However, we have become increasingly dissatisfied with...

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