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Author: Michael Galinsky

20 Jun Father’s-Day

Father's Day. Last year at this point, I started working on my film, donor 67, again. I had been doing a little research, and a little writing, but still mostly just thinking. A couple of weeks earlier I had posted an op-ed about the problems with anonymous donation. I had been corresponding with Alana Sveta Stewart, and planned on meeting...

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18 Jun A sick cat

Our 16 year old cat is sick. She hasn't eaten in almost a week and has been throwing up when she tries to drink. When I went to make an appointment with the vet yesterday and I asked the receptionist how we might handle things if she wasn't going to make it, she looked at me like I had just...

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05 Jun Just to be clear

I have not had the opportunity to read the entire study discussed in my last post. However, I have looked over it, and think that it's a valuable tool for highlighting the needs and feelings of donor conceived people. It is clear as a bell that many dc people have suffered a great deal either from lack of connection to...

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04 Jun I am someone’s daddy

Last week "My Daddy's Name is Donor" was released. This report, which was put together by the Institute for American Values, shines a very harsh light on the whole system of egg and sperm donation - specifically, from the point of view of the children conceived by the process. Alana, whom I have known and worked with for the last year,...

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26 Apr Documentary Update

About 10 years ago, after making several narrative feature films, we decided to give documentary filmmaking a try. Now we're pretty sick of documentary filmmaking and want to jump back into narrative. Through the making of Donor 67, we met Alana Sveta. We are currently working with her on the script called "Adam and Eva". In the meantime we are...

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