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Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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Author: Michael Galinsky

19 Nov Totall Badass

About 8 months ago my good friend Bob Ray sent me a cut of his documentary "Total Badass". The cut was a bit of a mess but it was clear that there was a pretty amazing tale unfolding. Tonight i saw the final cut at a screening in Brooklyn and I was shocked at how much he had been able...

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13 Nov New Interview for Donor 67

I have been extremely busy with finishing the Battle of Brooklyn- as well as taking care of my kids, so I haven't had much time to focus on Donor 67. However, today an old friend, who i hadn't seen in years stopped by. He was a donor in college and introduced me to the lab. A couple of years ago...

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11 Nov school fight

Last week, on the virtual pages of The Local, a battle was raging over the direction of our district 13 schools.  It's clear that everyone in the debate wants what's best for their kids.  Some people are fighting for an expansion of "progressive" schools.  Others are arguing for supporting the schools that we have like PS 11 and PS 20,...

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01 Nov New Well Being

About a decade ago I had an idea for a script called New Well Being. The film was very similar in some ways to the new Mark Romanek film based on the novel by Kazuo Ishaguro, Never Let Me Go. My friend Alana just blogged about it and the trailer is INTENSE. In my story two football stars- one the quarterback...

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17 Oct Projects galore

About 15 years ago, when I was in a band driving around the country for long stretches, I would often think of grand art projects. Unfortunately, I didn’t always have the means or connections to really pull them off. Some of them I completed in part, and others have recently started to float back into my consciousness. In many cases...

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08 Oct The power of the press

In 2010 it is time for us, as a society, to take a hard look at the role of the news media in our political and financial systems. After 7 years of following the Atlantic Yards development project I am troubled by both the print and TV media's inability or unwillingness to engage in any level of real reporting on...

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