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Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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Author: Michael Galinsky

19 Oct Blah Blah Blog

Last week NY Times Local blogger (and friend of mine) Andy Newman inadvertently brought up some complex ethical issues when he wrote a story about a business that had decided to renovate in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The problem was that the deli that decided it needed a spiffy new facade was in an historic district and the owners hadn't bothered...

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06 Oct yvette and alana part dos

I have been working on other projects a lot the last few weeks, but on Friday I got an astounding call from my friend, Yvette. A couple of months ago, I filmed with Alana and Yvette, who both contacted me after I posted my op-ed on donor issues. Yvette is an old friend, and it turns out she was adopted and...

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16 Sep Conditionally Unconditional

As much as my life is defined by my role as a father, I will be the first person to admit that I am by no means a perfect one. In fact, I'm a lot more imperfect than I'd like at times. Our older daughter is "spirited" beyond belief. Honestly, she acts like a 13 year old more than a...

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03 Sep Vacation with Kids is No Vacation

For the past two weeks, my kids have had no camp or day care. My wife and i have swapped time mostly, so that one of us can get some work done. Last week, we stayed in Upstate, NY. My wife typically gets up with the kids first and then wakes me after an hour or so and goes back...

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19 Aug A Dream of Dad

I had a really crazy second round dream this morning about my father. By second round I mean the kids had woken up at 6:30 and we had all gotten back to sleep for a little bit, so it was a thin sleep that didn't feel like sleep. In the dream, I got a few letters from American Express that had...

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