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The Latest News

26 Sep Pay the People

To the handful of people that were paying a lot of attention to the Atlantic Yards fight it came as no surprise that Judge Marcy Friedman ordered the ESDC to pay Develop Don’t Destroy’s legal fees in relation to the lawsuit they initiated which called for the ESDC to carry out a supplemental Enivronmental Impact Statement.  Last year the Judge...

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11 Sep Normal Regional Pain

The greatest conundrum for me in regards to coming to the understanding that stress (a very broad definition of stress) plays a profoundly more important role in our health than the vast majority of doctors (and thereby patients) acknowledge, is that armed with this knowledge I am still struggling mightily to get over my own problems with stress induced pain....

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09 Sep Stress and Cancer part 2

Yesterday I wrote a piece about stress and illness.  In this article I focused on the role that stress plays in all areas of health.  When my mother read it she astutely responded, “Some issues I would want to discuss -- the need to be careful not to go so far to one side that the complexity of mind-body gets...

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05 Sep Cancer and Stress?

For years we have been working on a film about the connection between stress and pain.  Recently it has expanded to include the connection between stress and overall health.  While the film is about the science of healthcare, it’s also about social science - how ideas move through the world - and it’s about framing.  When a carpenter looks at...

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11 Aug More Pain Equals More Gain

I just saw this article on the front page of Yahoo.  This piece outlines the 10 most common reasons for doctor visits, from an investor's perspective.  Where some people see pain, others see opportunity.  However, if one is looking through the mindbody frame the results signal an opportunity for relief. Here are the 10 most common reasons the Mayo Clinic listed...

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31 Jul Moral Monday

  Moral Monday July 15, 2013 from rumur on Vimeo. In Brooklyn, where we live, we keep getting overwhelmed with new projects which keeps us from finishing some long term documentaries that need to get done.  A couple of weeks ago my wife and I kind of moved our family to North Carolina for the year.  That is, we came down for...

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