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The Latest News

21 Jun The Paradox of Self-Plagiarism

About six months ago, I happened upon a Jonah Lehrer article in Wired.  The article starts out with a couple of paragraphs about a drug company whose stock shot up because they had developed a drug that stopped the body from producing the "bad fat".  This was pretty important to the drug company as their drug Lipitor (which stopped the...

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03 Apr On the curation of Stores.

Recently, an ode to video stores went somewhat viral on facebook.  Kim's video was an amazing resource for finding out about films in the late 80's and early 90's.  For me though, it was the record stores and book stores that had a greater impact. When I moved to NY, I mostly cared about music and photography.  I hit the record...

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31 Mar Personal Story about Dr. John Sarno

Last week I heard on BBC radio that the National Health Service in England is instructing doctors to prescribe self-help books.  The radio presenter seemed a little aghast at this idea and pressed a doctor by asking something along the lines of,  “So you’re saying that you think that people will respond well to a doctor basically telling them that...

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31 Mar Pain Story with David Lang

As I travel with our film, "Battle for Brooklyn", I also discuss our current ongoing project "Story of Pain". At a recent screening in San Jose I mentioned the film and the fact that it focuses on Dr. John E. Sarno. David Lang, a silent film enthusiast from Santa Rosa, CA approached me after the film to let me know...

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16 Mar Occupy the PEP

On Thursday at Brooklyn Technical HS, the Panel for Educational Policy planned to close 23 public schools citywide. I had just returned from a trip on Thursday and didn't feel that I had the energy to go; I had been to several last year and found that they were a sham public meeting like so many I had been to...

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16 Mar It’s the Media.

I just came across this old article about our 2005 film, "Code 33".  This piece focuses on how the film isn't "about" media but has a strong subtext that deals with it.  Our goal is often to follow a story that plays out in the media, from behind the scenes. Through this process one is able to discern on some...

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