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The Latest News

16 Jan We’ve all Been Framed

I think a lot about the unconscious frames that we view the world through.  In fact I would even say that my frame is a “frame skeptical frame”, which tends to slow me down quite a bit.  However, most people ignore the frames and just “go with the flow”, because asking questions can be difficult.  Two articles I saw today...

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16 Oct My Virality

I am 43 years old.  I  came of age at a time when photographers developed their own film and, for the most part, printed their own pictures.  There were no digital cameras and the internet was not the internet.  It is almost hard to remember a time when people weren't instagramming pictures of every meal to 10,000 followers, but 20...

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11 Oct Frames and how they Shape Us.

Pause for a moment and think about how you think about healthcare.  Do you trust doctors in white coats more than doctors who dress more casually.  When you hear the word "alternative practitioner," do you think of quacks or healers?  Do you think about how your emotions affect your health? For the most part, we go through life without paying attention...

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09 Oct The epidural meningitis crisis is a tragedy

As of  Monday, October 8th, 2012 at least 8 people in the United States have died, and another 105 were struck with meningitis, after receiving an epidural steroid injection intended to treat chronic back pain. The tragic aspect is not simply that these people have died, but instead that the data that exists concerning steroid injections shows that they don't...

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10 Jul Battle update

Battle for Brooklyn airs on TV in Australia next week and should be hitting the US airwaves this fall.  It's been over a year since the film was first run on screen and as such it’s a good time to write an update about where things stand with the Atlantic Yards project and the film.  After launching it at Hot...

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21 Jun The Paradox of Self-Plagiarism

About six months ago, I happened upon a Jonah Lehrer article in Wired.  The article starts out with a couple of paragraphs about a drug company whose stock shot up because they had developed a drug that stopped the body from producing the "bad fat".  This was pretty important to the drug company as their drug Lipitor (which stopped the...

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