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The Latest News

14 Feb Sugar High

There are really two ways to tell issue based stories, the general and the personal/specific, and often these two forms are combined.  The general, broad overview, deals with larger numbers, which means that the statistics about these situations hold profound realities.  The personal example though give us a way to connect on an emotional level with people affected by the...

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30 Jan From Howard Stern’s show notes 8/13/1999

Howard's Appearance On Larry King Live. 8/13/99. Howard was a guest on CNN's Larry King Live TV show last night at 9pm. He was doing a favor for his favorite doctor, Dr. John Sarno. Howard has praised Sarno in the past for helping cure his chronic back pain. Sarno was the main guest on Larry King Live along with Howard, Defense...

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21 Dec Thanks

At we are going to start posting a lot of stories and information about pain in relation to our work in progress documentary about chronic pain and the work of Dr. John E. Sarno.  To kick off the site I'd like to start with a short meditation on the idea of giving thanks. As the Christmas season swings into high...

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18 Nov The New News

This morning I woke to a voice message from a friend in Prague.  He was terrified that something terrible had happened at Occupy Wall Street because all of the live streams he had followed the day before, during the massive protests, were shut down.  He thought that either everyone had been arrested, or that all of the cell service had...

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29 Oct Occupying the Institutions.

Last week on buzzflash I wrote about the connection between our film "Battle for Brooklyn" and OWS.  Last year, as we completed Battle, we started to make a film about education in NY.  We saw intense similarities between the way in which parents were shut out of the education process and the way in which communities were shut out of...

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09 Oct The Shift

If one were to judge the Occupy Wall Street movement based on my friends' facebook feeds, it would be clear that the revolution was over and that we had won.  Creative people would forever be free to be creative and the tyranny and corruption of "efficency" would be banished from the land.  As such I might have an irrationally exuberant...

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