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The Latest News

09 Jul My Father’s Wedding Speech

Earlier today, I mentioned a speech that my father made at my wedding. My mother dug it up and emailed it to me. It's shorter than I remember and twice as prescient 12 years later. I would like to share with you the secret of successful living -- filmmaker’s version. Central casting has assigned you a role in The Human Comedy. You...

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09 Jul A Crisis of Purpose

My wife and I (we've been married for nearly 12 years and I still don't feel 100% that I'm not just pretending to be a grown up when I write "My wife and I") just got back from dinner at this great performance/film/dinner venue in Brooklyn. As we left I texted the babysitter to let her know that we were...

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08 Jul Alana Got Deported.

Alana left last week to go to England to play some shows and travel through Europe. When she got to the UK her lack of return ticket gave the authorities pause- but only a little pause- within a few hours they'd stuck her back on a plane to ...

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07 Jul Say It Isn’t So!?

uh oh My friend just emailed me this UK article about sperm produced from stem cells. While this may make things a little less emotionally complex for the parents, kids will still be left wanting to know their roots...

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07 Jul Stages of Life—-

One thing that i have been thinking a lot about the last few days- and something i have thought a lot about over time - is the stages that we go through in our life. I know that the psychologist Erikson went into detail on some of these stages (more on this in a moment)- but i've been...

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07 Jul Building Collapse on Myrtle

The day that Alana arrived a building came down on our street. I shot a lot of footage of it over the next few days and then threw together this clip to help promote a fundraiser for one of the victims - Eric Williams. ...

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