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The Latest News

20 Jul on a shoot and sitting around

Today, I'm a stage dad. My daughter has started to shake off her anxiety and has agreed to be in a film that some friends are making. Because she was so hesitant to do it for a while, she is actually just a body double for someone who is supposed to have a twin sister. She's having a blast. It's most...

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16 Jul When Most People See a Film

When most people see a documentary film, they don't realize that the 90 minutes that they are watching is usually culled from literally hundreds of hours of film. That hundreds of hours of film means that thousands upon thousands of decisions had to be made about what went into the film and in what order. I've been looking through some of...

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14 Jul You Look Like a Jew (it’s an obscure reference to a band)

Pussy Galore, in all of their transgressive glory, called a song "You Look Like a Jew". It was a great song actually- off of a great record. There's this squirrely guitar line with "primative" (i.e. heavy simple and awesome) drumming with some mumbled lyrics that end with a shout of "You look like a Jew". I was thinking about that song...

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14 Jul Oh Death – at 27

I just saw a post on the NY Times about 27 year old artist named, Dash Snow, dying of an overdose. One commenter mentioned that a dash of snow does a lot of damage to the body- and another praised his polaroids. Both commenters were dead on. I had never seen his work, nor heard of him- partly because as a...

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