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Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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The Latest News

01 Jul Anxiety on Parade

This week we are down in North Carolina visiting my mother as well as my sister and her family. F loves to come here and her anxiety and defiance have been getting much better so I was looking forward to the trip. However, there are still a few things that still just set her off. One of those things is...

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01 Jul Alana’s Gone to Europe

Alana was our saviour yesterday. F has finished school for the year and was home all day. I had a lot to get done before leaving for vacation to see my mother in NC. Alana hung out with F and did a few projects- like making a movie poster for the movie that we have been working on. F is still...

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25 Jun Alana and Yvette

Last night Alana and I went to meet with my friend Yvette. I've know Yvette for over a decade but we've always hung out in group setting so I didn't know much about her background. Shortly after I posted my op-ed Yvette contacted me to tell me that she was adopted and had been thinking a lot about it recently....

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23 Jun Musician Alana Sveta Blew Me Away

I made my first post a few days ago. One of the commenters was Alana Sveta. She invited me to use a song of hers for my movie.I listened and was blown away. Turns out that she was on her way from New Orleans to Brooklyn on tour. A few days after writing her comment, she was staying at my...

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21 Jun It’s Father’s Day: part 2

It's 9am on Sunday - father's day and I have just woken up. With our kids this is a rarity- usually I am up at 7:45 and my wife is up at 6ish.  I get up and take the kids to school or out to play and she goes back to sleep for awhile. Since it's father's day they are making...

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