A Miracle: When Everyone Does Their Job Well

The survival of all those aboard Flight 1549 certainly was a miracle, but not because of an otherworldly force fating those passengers and crew to live. Rather, it was that rare and beautiful thing: a group of people unexpectedly come together and do their jobs extremely well. The pilots, the flight attendants, the ferry Crews, the EMS, the FDNY, the NYPD, the hospitals and the passengers all performed their respective duties with professionalism, intelligence, fortitude and compassion. Their training and a great deal of common sense and quick thinking were the tools to success. And let’s not forget the plane. It was designed to hold together long enough and it did. That’s the kind of passion and ingenuity that make this country so great.

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  • David
    Posted at 20:19h, 27 March Reply

    Sully is a cross between Tom Selleck and Steve Martin.

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