I couldn’t sleep last night

Last night I couldn’t sleep because I kept having ideas about how to put things together. I got up and wrote a lot of it down and it still made sense in the morning.

This morning my younger daughter refused to get in the car to go to school. She is a bit clingy but in general much more easy going than my older daughter. As such, when she gets resistant to something we try to patiently work it out. didn’t happen. After about 10 minutes of complaining my wife had to simply strap her into her seat and close the door. She wailed for the whole 5 minute drive to her sister’s school. I ran my older one inside, and when I got back my younger one was smiling. It was over. I wasn’t all that surprised because she does that. she gets focused on an idea and resists, but at some point she just gives up and isn’t any worse for wear. most of the time we can get her to give up before the screaming fit- but in the end she usually comes around.

The point is- this is how she is and who she is- and while we certainly get better results if we stay calm, positive and firm- she’s going to react to situations the way she’s going to react and it’s going to be different from her sister.

The issue of identity seems to be coming up a lot- a new book came out recently by a gentleman who was donor conceived by his uncle but didn’t find out until he was in his 30’s and didn’t deal with it until he was in his 40’s. He was on the radio today and I heard it in the background as I dealt with my kids. the amazing thing was that a stream of people were calling in to tell their stories. A lot of these people were long time listeners- first time caller- so his story really struck a nerve.

I went to a rock show tonight and it was a bit like a high school reunion- tons of people I hadn’t seen in years – if not a decade- some of them had seen my post via facebook– and a few mentioned hearing this same guy on radio lab yesterday- the media really has a powerful effect especially when it’s magnified by having more than one outlet hit on a similar subject- and this subject seems to really be in the air.

One of the people I hadn’t seen in a while reminded me that he had gone to the lab too. I had totally forgotten that.

I have a lot of thoughts to organize but this process has kicked up so much.

I plan to start doing some shooting next week and will update on the progress of the film.

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  • Babinnes
    Posted at 17:16h, 08 October Reply

    Hello there, Will you be publishing a follow-up post? The husband and myself have squandered some time browsing over your web site and interestingly you touched on some thing we were talking about just the other month with our daughter. We often hear ourselves quarrelling about the littlest of issues, isn’t it silly?

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