kids make art

I went for a walk in the meadow with my kids today.  They did not go willingly.  It is difficult to convince them to do almost anything, but once they got out there they had a good time.  My older daughter brought her lomo camera with a fish eye lens.  It was interesting for me to view the meadow through watching her.  I often make my kids my models, but in this case my older daughter made my younger one her muse.

Sometimes she stuck me in there as well, and she grabbed my camera and shot me too.

I have been very invested in becoming more present and mindful.  Sometimes I find them getting frustrated when I take pictures of them, and I hadn’t intended to shoot, but ended up documenting their adventure with their permission.  I have been shooting a lot with black and white recently, and I did the same today.  As I looked through the pictures I couldn’t help but think of Sally Mann.  I don’t think I was influenced by her, any more than I was influenced by Nan Goldin, when I took pictures of my friends in the East Village.  That is to say, it would be impossible to shoot these kinds of images without being aware of their legacy.

I shot a few of the milkweed and the trees as well, I couldn’t help myself.

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