Looking for Light

Looking for Light

In the spring I like to head to meadow around 8am and capture the light hitting the baby leaves at a sharp angle. I shoot them in color and process them as black and white through a red filter which makes the leaves kind of explode off the darkened sky. It really only works in the spring when the leaves are thin and light, ephemeral. When it’s cloudy, like it was this morning, I have less light to play with, but I figured I’d look around and see what I could find. There’s one plant that’s exciting for a couple of days because all of its leaves come from a couple of simple looking buds that unfold into a dozen or so, but before I got to it I saw a drop of water falling off a leaf so I tried to find a way to get it to work in the frame.
When it’s bright out it’s hard to work on the images but since it was cloudy I spent a minute fixing this one and realized that there was a small ant like flying insect on the leaf. While focusing on the drop of water I had completely missed it.
I spent a little time refocusing on it and got an image that was about both the insect and the water.

After spending about 20 minutes making those images I moved onto the plant that seems to unfold from itself. Here are a few shots from the last 3 days.




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