2 Months

About This Project

Rough cut of Month One.

Short film about the two months of Occupy Wall Street.
The majority of clips are shot by Michael Galinsky and Joanna Arnow.- we have not added credits to the rough cut yet so here are some of the clips used

(1) From the film “No One Can Predict the Moment of Revolution.” by Iva Radivojevic and Martyna Starosta.
(2) The first youtube clip: Youtube channel RSH0tt
(3) The Michael Moore YouTube clip: Youtube channel FluxRostrum
(4) The Times Square footage: is by “Alvaro Corzo”
(5) The eviction standdown audio interviews are from, hotindiemedia
(6) Meerkat Media Collective
(7) Jannah Handy- marine footage
–Footage from Day Two is by Annie Berman.
–The pepper spray footage is by YouTube Channel: TheOther99Percent