The Sweat Solution

ESPN 30 for 30 Films + SEC Storied

1 x 16:00 [2015]   1 x 23:00 [2018]

“The Sweat Solution” explores the inception of the original Gatorade formula set against the 1965 and 1966 seasons of the University of Florida Gators football team.

Operation Match

ESPN FiveThirtyEight SIGNALS

1 x 14:00 [2015]

Before there was Tinder, Bumble, E-harmony or Ok Cupid, there was Operation Match. The origins of computer-assisted dating is the basis of this story which features a group of Harvard students who would revolutionize the world in 1965.

The Blue Box

ESPN FiveThirtyEight SIGNALS

1 x 12:00 [2015]

The 1960s story of a group of hackers known as phone phreaks who found a way to avoid long-distance charges. Two of those phreaks just happened to be students named Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.


Net Generation

United States Tennis Association

1 x 1:30 [2017]

This spot helped launchd the USTA’s Net Generation campaign during the 2017 U.S. Open Tournament in New York

Adam Levine

Sears Kmart

10 x 2:00  10 x 1:00  10 x :30  [2013 – 2015]

The series of promos, modeling, runway, and behind-the-scenes videos helped launch Adam Levine’s fashion line and the buying experience. The spots were used in TV, Social, Apps and In-store kiosk campaigns.


New York Public Library

12 x 30:00 [2005-2007]

In 2006, The New York Public Library wanted to document and distribute their live conversations with the world’s greatest minds during their ongoing series Live at the NYPL. Featuring Norman Mailer, John Updike, Samantha Power, Salman Rushdie, Anthony Bourdain, and others, RUMUR helped launch the venerable series.

New York Moments + Secrets in the City

Entertainment Benefits Group

16 x 2:00 [2013-2015]

Created a branded series about New York City artists and attractions for Entertainment Benefits Group, which runs the largest travel and entertainment benefits program in the country

Gatorade Gallery

Cade Museum for Creativity & Invention

25 x 1:30 [2018]

Working with The Cade Museum of Creativity and Invention, we helped design a permanent exhibit, The Sweat Solution, to be an interactive history of the invention of Gatorade.

Case Studies


8 x 2:00 [2016 – 2018]

We partnered with acclaimed advertising agency Wunderman to produce, shoot and edit case studies exploring the components of their best work

One World Many Stories 360

Global Nomads Group

1 x 10:00   3 x 3:00 [2017]

36o Degree Video Series immerses viewers into the world of teenagers from New York City, Kentucky and Jordan.


Rumur Inc

5 @ $150,000 [2011 – 2015]

Our kickstarter campaigns have successfully raised more than $150,000.

Gilt Product of the Week

Gilt Groupe

12 x 1:30 [2009 – 2010] 

When Gilt Groupe wanted to launch video content to their rapidly growing audience, RUMUR developed a format and concept for showcasing key partners in their weekly flash sale deals.


Not One Step Back

Field of Vision

1 x 15:00 [2017]

Four days in December 2016 rattled the North Carolina legislature.

Sparrow for Prez

IFC/Rooftop Films

6 x 6:00 [2008]

Longtime poet, activist, and musician Sparrow campaigns for President in 2008.

Moral Mondays

Rumur Inc

1 x 4:00 [2013]

A series of activist gatherings in 2013 led by Reverend William Barber of the NAACP.

Trump Parking Lot

Rumur Inc

1 x 13:00 [2016]

A rally for Presidential candidate Donal Trump in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Month One

Occupy Wall Street

1 x 10:00 [2011]

We documented the first month of the Occupy Wall Street movement in 2011.

Klan Comes to Chapel Hill

The Nasher Museum

1 x 4:00 [2017]

A photo series documenting the KKK march through Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 1987.


The Deep Field

Joan as Policewoman

5 x 2:30 [2011]

Behind-the-scenes series for the album The Deep Field.

Sweet Marie

The Anniversary

1 x 4:00 [2002]

Music Video for the song Sweet Marie off the album Your Majesty. 2002

Shoot The Boss


1 x 3:45 [1996]

Music Video for the song Shoot The Boss off the album Round the Outside. 1996

Turn to Ash


1 x 3:20 [1995]

Music Video for the song Turn to Ash off the album I Can See Your Mom From Here. 1995

You’re Gonna Be Just Fine

Jacob Miller 

1 x 4:00 [2003]

Music Video for the song You’re Gonna Be Just Fine off the album Who We Are. 2003

The Wrong Tree

John Davis

1 x 7:15 [2013]

Music Video for the song The Wrong Tree off the album Spare Parts. 2013