RUMUR | RUMUR is an independent film studio based in Brooklyn, New York.
RUMUR creates thought-provoking, engaging and shareable video content that challenges perspectives and promotes dialogue.
Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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Using a first-person approach to explore the work of Dr. John Sarno, and his radical methods to treating back pain, ALL THE RAGE examines the connection between emotions and health. Through interviews with Sarno, esteemed patients, and experts, the film offers a profound rethink of how we approach our healthcare.
8 films later

All the Rage – Trailer from rumur on Vimeo. On Oct 11 we are going to have the triangle area premiere of “All The Rage” at the Carolina Theater in Durham. After premiering the film in New York last November, it’s taken a while to get it on screen in our new/original hometown. Twenty-three years ago over Thanksgiving in 1994,......

Is It True

Over the past several months I have worked on re-framing my relationship to the world. Starting from the understanding that we “create our own reality” I have worked on accepting everything that happens without judgement, and in general I’ve found that the results are pretty fantastic. When we simply accept what is, without putting a negative or positive label on......

About Those Statues

Tension in the triangle area of North Carolina ramped up considerably after the wild clashes in Charlottesville, VA. A few days after the chaos and the killing there protesters in Durham pulled down a Jim Crow era confederate statue in front of the old courthouse. People were shocked, not only to see it fall, but also to see it twist......



Throughout the 1980s, as America’s downtown districts declined in importance and the “big-box” stores began their slow march across the country, malls became increasing central to American popular culture, dominating the social life of a large swath of the population. In 1989 Michael Galinsky, a twenty-year-old photographer, drove across the country recording this change: the spaces, textures and pace that defined this era.

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