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Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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The Latest News

02 May Crushing Creativity

For the past year and a half I have worked full time trying to promote and distribute "All The Rage". Work is a relative term; in our culture we tend to equate work with earning, but the only renumeration I have received from this work is the satisfaction of seeing people heal through experiencing the film. It's pretty much the...

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17 Apr Upside down

- .1 Sometimes we need to take a new perspective in order to free ourselves from what we believe. At least a few times a week I walk in the meadow behind my house; something that was integral to the editing of "All The Rage". My goal is usually to use it as a time to meditate. However, much...

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13 Apr Sleepyhead- the beginnings- and the videos.

I turned 49 this year, and while some days I feel a bit long in the tooth, in general I don't have the sense that I'm almost 50. Still, it’s nearly 30 years since Chris, Rachael and I began the band sleepyhead- and that is mind boggling to me. When I was 20 I couldn’t imagine being 30...

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09 Apr No Rational Explanation

Over the years I have written quite a bit about the strange occurrences that have cropped up in relation to my father. This morning I went to shoot a campaign endorsement video for my friend Michelle and I ended up with another mind boggling connection. As we were waiting for her pastor to show up, we were chatting and...

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30 Mar Human

One of the first questions I get at screenings of "All The Rage" is, "How's your back?", or "Are you healed?" My response is generally something along the lines of, "I'm much better but I have this disease called being human and I haven't fully recovered from that yet." Healing is a journey that does not end. There is...

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13 Mar London Heathrow Walkabout

Both times that I have attended the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival I have made hundreds of images both on the way there- and on the way back. - Both times I have had overnight layovers at Heathrow on the way back that required me to get a cheap hotel. The first time I stayed in an area under threat...

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