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The Latest News

27 Jul 80

My family returned from our yearly visit to my wife's parents in Santa Fe last night. When we arrived home, the pool was a mess, and one of the thermostats for our AC had decided to die. I stayed up a bit late trying to shock it back to health to no avail. Thankfully I slept well,...

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27 Jul The Butterfly Wings of Evil

Just before sitting down to meditate the other morning I read a couple of sentences about the truly evil actions that ISIS is taking in Syria and Iraq. We’re talking about torturing children, and holding up severed heads while smiling. As I lay on the floor I couldn’t help but think about the disconnect between the calmness that...

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16 Jul Peerage

recently I have been posting pieces about friends that inspire me. I think that Tim is an amazing song writer who is woefully unheard. Please grab one of the videos below and share it. Let's get Tim some listens. I met my friend Tim Simmonds the old fashioned way; through a band flier posted on the street. ...

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15 Jul A Glut of Goodness Does Not Look Good.

My partners and I have been making, and distributing our own films for 20 years, so people often come to us for advice about how to get their films seen. Unfortunately, I’m not the best person to ask because we don’t always make the best decisions. Like all artists we struggle with getting our work past gatekeepers like...

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14 Jul Poverty and Stress

We have written about the relevance of Dr. Nadine Burke Harris' work a number of times on Rumur. She's the San Francisco-based doctor who realized that a good deal of the time, she was treating the symptoms of stress in her high poverty patients. When she began to practice with an understanding that her patients' stress was a causative factor...

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14 Jul My Friend Tim

My Friend Tim is another person that both inspires and supports me. Like Letha, he toils away at his work, without doing enough to let people know what he's doing. I'm gonna have to kick out some videos for his old songs; I played in his band for a few years and there were some hits there. ...

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