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The Latest News

15 May Anxiety Dreams

For years I have had intermittent anxiety dreams about houses upstate that feel so real and connected that in the in between space that one encounters before fully waking they seem to slip from my alternate anxious reality into this one.  I had one this morning and I was pulled in to this realm when I wondered out loud why...

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07 Apr Folk Art of the Future

Ever since the advent of photography the captured image has played a significant role in both our cultural and social spheres.  As the process of image making evolves, so does our relationship to images.  We are now at a point in the technological advancement of cameras that it’s almost difficult to make “bad images”.  With half the planet walking around...

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06 Mar Unconsciously Photographing Consciously.

One of the major rules of filmaking is “show, don’t tell”.  We are visual people by nature and when we hear facts they stick on one level, but they don’t affect us as emotionally as images.  If you tell me, “10 people died” it goes to one place in my brain.  If you show me 10 dead people, it goes...

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25 Feb Hunting for Something

I have been on an Instagram bender.  In the last week and a half, I have posted about 300 images, and I am happy with pretty much all of them.  I got a new phone in September and was introduced to Instagram a couple of days later by Ruddy, another parent at my kids’ school.  He happens to be one...

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20 Feb It’s All About How It’s Framed

I imagine that I am starting to drive my friends crazy by constantly talking about how profoundly frames shape our thinking.  This morning my friend Kevin shared an Onion article that hilariously illustrates ways in which unexamined racism shaped our cultural viewpoint 50 years ago.  However, at the same time if one steps around the corner and looks at that...

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19 Feb Jonah Lehrer and Story of Pain

Last week I wrote several pieces in response to the reaction to Jonah Lehrer's apology speech.  I published one, the second that I wrote, on my blog last week.  This is the first piece that I wrote. I was told by others that it was too related to our own work to post elsewhere.  As such I combined parts of...

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