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The Latest News

18 Jan The People United

If you’ve been to a protest in the last 10 years, you’ve likely heard the chant, “The people, united, will never be defeated.” The opposite is true as well. When the government pits community against community, as it is now doing in the process of promoting charter schools designed to compete with community schools, it's important to...

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13 Dec The cloak of anonymity

The internet is a terrible place to discuss ideas and work out complex feelings. Yet, in our hyper busy culture we seem to fall back on it more and more. It's difficult to make time for a community meeting, but we end up having our days taken over by comment wars. Over the last couple of years I have followed...

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19 Nov Totall Badass

About 8 months ago my good friend Bob Ray sent me a cut of his documentary "Total Badass". The cut was a bit of a mess but it was clear that there was a pretty amazing tale unfolding. Tonight i saw the final cut at a screening in Brooklyn and I was shocked at how much he had been able...

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13 Nov New Interview for Donor 67

I have been extremely busy with finishing the Battle of Brooklyn- as well as taking care of my kids, so I haven't had much time to focus on Donor 67. However, today an old friend, who i hadn't seen in years stopped by. He was a donor in college and introduced me to the lab. A couple of years ago...

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11 Nov school fight

Last week, on the virtual pages of The Local, a battle was raging over the direction of our district 13 schools.  It's clear that everyone in the debate wants what's best for their kids.  Some people are fighting for an expansion of "progressive" schools.  Others are arguing for supporting the schools that we have like PS 11 and PS 20,...

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