Code 33

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This engrossing documentary follows two Cuban-American detectives in their 2003 hunt for an unknown man-the notorious Miami serial rapist. From the directors of Horns and Halos, this film reveals the diverse culture and strong moral fabric of a shocked, scared and outraged community.


"Code 33 plays like a smart cross between CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and the spate of of crime-oriented reality television programs permeating the airwaves. But the compelling story line, involving the notorious case of a serial rapist in Miami, and the filmmakers' skill at examining the subject from various viewpoints, gives it an original quality." - Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter
A taut police procedural tracing the frantic search for a serial rapist who terrorized a Miami community in the summer of 2003, "Code 33" is a bracing jolt of reality TV-style filmmaking for auds weary of the genre's shallow excesses. This smart and shrewd docu, which has already garnered praise at a handful of fests, is first-rate fare for arthouse play, tube sales and ancillary.- Eddie Cockrell- Variety


played at SXSW and Silverdocs

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