Moral Mondays

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This is a short film about Moral Monday in Raleigh NC shot on July 15, 2013. Rev Barber, who has led organizing of the events was out of town at the NAACP conference but returned to discuss the Trayvon Martin decision. Over 100 people were arrested for civil disobedience.

I just saw this letter that a friend from high school sent to the Raleigh Newspaper- and thought I’d share it. I have seen a series of letters like this from committed teachers who are leaving the field.

“I have been a teacher in North Carolina for 20 years, and never have I been so appalled and frankly embarrassed at the actions of our legislators in Raleigh. Just a few years ago our teacher salaries were almost at the national average, and now we’re right at the bottom. Unfortunately, the improving economy won’t do much to change that, because the Republicans have set the tax structure so that revenues will DECREASE over the next five years. That means even less money to pay teachers, less money to fund our university system, less money for everything. Oh, but at least the rich get their precious tax cut. The Republicans evidently just act on reflex: government = BAD! tax cuts = GOOD! Meanwhile, the necessary services of government just fall by the wayside. Please let’s elect some forward-thinkers in 2014!”