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The Latest News

12 Aug H K Edgerton Rallys for the Confederate Flag

H.K. Edgerton Rallys for the Confederate Flag from rumur on Vimeo. On Saturday August 8th I drove over to Hillsborough NC to check out a rally in support of the Confederate flag. I was a little late because I hit a huge traffic back up 5 miles outside of town. Turns out there was an accident at the one...

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31 Jul For the Fun of It

I am not good at vacations. I just don't know how to turn off. I travel a fair bit, almost always for "work" (traveling to shoot or show films at festivals) but except for the occasional trip to the beach with my kids, or a trip to visit family, I don't think I have ever taken a "vacation"-...

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23 Jul Powerlessness In the Face of Injustice is Enraging.

Just before going to bed the other night I saw that the dash cam video of Sandra Bland's arrest had been posted. I had already seen the video posted by a person who happened upon her arrest and knew that the police had been harsh. It was also clear that they had tried to stop the videographer from shooting...

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22 Jul Societal Factors at play in Alzhiemer’s.

Sometimes the answer to a question is staring us in the face and we can’t see it simply because it doesn't fit neatly within our limited belief system. However, once that answer has been revealed to us, evidence of its validity seems to pour out of the woodwork; often times to such a degree that it becomes infuriating that...

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19 Jul Learned Patterns and Pathways

A few weeks ago, just after arriving at the beach for the 4th of July, I took a walk with my wife. My feet were hurting and I was feeling kind of achy so I stopped to rest a couple of times. I had just returned from a shoot in Detroit with Dr. Howard Schubiner who deals with...

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