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Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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The Latest News

17 Nov Breaking The Chain

I recently corresponded with a doctor who's been consulting on our film "All The Rage". He explained to me that if he were treating me, he would likely counsel me to reveal less about myself and my emotions in the film. However, as someone who wants the film to help people, he might encourage me to express even more...

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12 Nov A Letter to Young Photographers

I was in my mid 20's in 1994 when my future wife and I made a film- on film. We couldn't find anyone interested in helping us to distribute it so we threw a projector and our 16mm print in a van and toured it around showing it mostly in rock clubs. That got real boring real quick....

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07 Nov Professional Resistance

Every since I was a small child I have chafed at doing things the way in which they are supposed to be done. Perhaps this is genetic, or a mash up between nature and nurture; though I doubt that it was intentional nurturing that kept me on this path. In fact I am sure that this is not...

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16 Oct The Narcassistic Empath or The Empathetic Narcassist

Yesterday I wrote on Facebook that, "writing is inherently narcissistic". The post inspired quite a bit of commenting- some in agreement as well as some pushback declaring that instead, “writing is inherently empathetic”. I made a second post that declared, "writing is inherently empathetic… and narcissistic". The post was inspired by my work on a film about mindbody medicine....

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07 Oct Iceland

Last week we went to Iceland for a few days for the Reykjavik Film Festival. We had a couple of great screenings and we saw a few films. Mostly though I walked around and took pictures. ...

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