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The Latest News

05 Apr The Morality of Sport

[caption id="attachment_19654" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] John Kuester, the UNC point guard poses with the author during Carolina Basketball Camp[/caption] As a kid growing up in Chapel Hill, NC during the '70s and '80s, I was a Carolina basketball fan just like everyone else in town. My parents were professors who had season tickets to the games, and often they would be...

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25 Mar The Story Behind The Story

On Tuesday I got a steady stream of emails about a new study that found that mindfulness meditation is a more effective treatment for back pain than either cognitive behavioral therapy or standard care (physical therapy, pain medication, etc). The people writing to me were all aware of the film about Dr. John Sarno that we have been working...

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22 Mar Spring Light Meditation

Yesterday I wrote about spring and "The Presence Process". Today I once again walked in the meadow and took pictures. It was cold this morning and there was a hard frost on the ground. As the sun rose it burned off the frost in moments. When I saw this I knew I had a short window of...

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21 Mar Spring Awakening

“I respond consciously to all my experiences” This is a mantra that I have been repeating each morning and evening this week. I’m on week three of the ten week “Presence Process” as outlined in Michael Brown’s book of the same name. I have been meditating in different ways for the past two years so I was somewhat prepared...

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07 Feb The Predicaments of Life

[caption id="attachment_19550" align="aligncenter" width="667"] A Kathe Kollowitz image that hung in the hallway of my home while I was growing up.[/caption] My mother is fiercely independent and in the past this has caused us to have some conflicts. We once had a two hour “heated discussion” on the phone because I dared to check with her doctor to make sure...

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20 Jan Character

[caption id="attachment_19505" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] painting by Missionary Mary Proctor, Tallahasse FL[/caption] In the story that I’d like to write, my interaction with my teenager would go like this, “Honey, it’s time for bed. Put down that ipod and brush your teeth.” “Can I just say good night to my friend?” “Right, its already a half hour past bed time- one text, that’s it....

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