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The Latest News

19 Nov Be Good To Yourself

"Be good to yourself". That's what Dr. Arlene Feinblatt said to me when I was stuck on my office floor, unable to even turn over. Five days earlier, as I tried to type a frustrating email, my leg seized up with incredible force, throwing me to the floor screaming in agony. It had cramped up worse than...

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18 Nov Beyond Politics

The day before we launched our recent kickstarter campaign for All The Rage, I wrote a blog post about Glenn Beck and his recent announcement concerning his struggle with chronic pain and auto-immune disease. A couple of days later I was shocked to see an incredibly mean spirited response to his announcement on a liberal video site called The Young...

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18 Nov Defining Pain

Yesterday we posted a clip of Amy Skinner talking about her experience with CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome). Today I got a google alert about a woman who had doctors cut off her foot because she couldn't stand the pain. While we are working on a film about mind body medicine, we are in no way arguing that...

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17 Nov Hidden Stories

A couple of years ago, shortly after I had my last insane bout of back pain, my partners and I got our first grant. When I went in the office to meet the coordinator, Amy Skinner, I began to tell her about a Ted talk I'd recently seen that was related to the film we were working on about Dr....

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16 Nov Winding Paths

I woke up today thinking about my father. Like so many other people, he spent way too much of his life suffering because he was unable to break his deeply ingrained habit of unconsciously repressing his emotions. As a psychologist, and someone who had discovered Dr. Sarno's book "The Mind Body Prescription" in the early 80's, he understood the...

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13 Nov Running

On Nov 12th we started a kickstarter campaign to fund our film about mind body medicine. If you like this piece please consider clicking through to see more. In the spring of second or third grade my parents signed me up for track and field. The next fall we started to run cross-country. I guess I liked it well...

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