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Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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The Latest News

10 Jul My Favorite Artist : Letha Rodman-Melchior

update**** Letha passed away this evening Sept 24, at 9:05.  I wrote this piece in July.  I just sat down to write something about what an amazing person Letha is, and realized I'd already done it. **** There was a fundraiser planned for Letha in November in NY.  I'm assuming it will now be a memorial, but should still be...

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08 Jul No More WAR

Declaring war on anything; a country, a concept, or a person, is a bad idea. This is not to say that we should not defend ourselves when attacked, but declaring war is a mistake. I have been thinking about this concept of war in regards to the 2011 decision by the Institute of medicine to declare pain a disease...

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25 Jun Whoville

This morning, on the way to day camp, my daughter asked how many words there are in the world. I replied that there are millions of words and they're all in dictionaries. I offered to sit down with her and go through one. She asked why there are so many words and I explained that words help us get more specific...

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22 Jun Dangerous Names

One of the key elements of Dr. John E. Sarno’s work is an understanding of the basic context of Dr. Sigmund Freud’s work. In an early interview that we did with Dr. Sarno he pointed out that in the 19th century mental illness was seen as a disease of the brain. It was only when Freud came along, and postulated...

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20 Jun ISIS Branding Slaughter and Perspective

This morning after dropping off my daughter at day camp I heard a long story on the radio about the successful social media branding campaign that ISIS has carried out through the use of psychotically brutal videos of torture and execution. The news anchor was incredulous that anyone might see these things and say, “I want to be a part...

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