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Horns and Halos

17 Apr Outsiders

At Rumur we tend to make films that focus on people who go against the grain of the system. As we have matured, our characters have matured, but they are still outsiders who have difficulty going with the flow when the flow is going in a different direction than they think it should. Our very first film, "Half-Cocked" (1993), isn't a...

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10 Aug The River Flows

Last Night I went to a screening of a friends film. This friend is a one-man band and after three years of working on the film he’s done- finished- kaput. However, I still have some notes for him….. It is a great film, but it could be better, and I believe, reach a much wider audience with a few tweaks. After...

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26 Apr Documentary Update

About 10 years ago, after making several narrative feature films, we decided to give documentary filmmaking a try. Now we're pretty sick of documentary filmmaking and want to jump back into narrative. Through the making of Donor 67, we met Alana Sveta. We are currently working with her on the script called "Adam and Eva". In the meantime we are...

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06 Jan "Horns and Halos More Relevant Than Ever"

Among the books Oliver Stone and screenwriter Stanley Weiser read when they were researchingW. was James Hatfield's 1999 biography Fortunate Son, which earned notoriety for making unattributed allegations that Bush had been arrested for cocaine possession in 1972 and further notoriety when its publisher, St. Martin's Press, recalled the book when it was revealed that Hatfield had done five years...

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