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16 Feb Trip to NY for Half-Cocked and Battle for Brooklyn

We moved fro Brooklyn to North Carolina over 4 years ago. It seems like yesterday and forever. We came back this week to discuss our film "Battle for Brooklyn" with a freshman class of business school students. The next day we had screenings of our films "Half-Cocked" and "Radiation". The screenings were amazing. I don't do much street photography in...

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08 Feb Art, Politics, Family

Cake Sleepyhead from rumur on Vimeo. I have a lot going on right now. I'm trying to juggle promoting old films, and newer films, restoring older films and records, and presenting semi-old films, while at the same time trying to start new ones. I'm also trying to deal with some photo stuff, some travel, and being a parent. Due to this...

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06 Feb Banging into the Gates

[caption id="attachment_21631" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Dr Sarno on one of his last days at work.[/caption] Every time we make a film we have to believe that it will reach people and have an impact. Each of our last 3 films have taken a decade or more to make. Some of that time was simply hitting a stall, having to work on...

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29 Jan Chicago

I just went to Chicago for a few days to show All The Rage and had a blast making pictures. I walked about 15 miles in 3 days and spent some time meditating and reading in my brother's completely empty apartment. He lives in NY and the apartment is for sale. It currently has two beds, a chair and unbelievable...

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24 Jan Nostalgia Should Become a Criminal Offense

My mind often wanders in ways that surprise me. Often times when I’m in a half dream state, I’ll write whole articles in my mind, aware that if I shift my attention enough to commit these thoughts to paper, they’ll disappear. In the end, only shreds and shards move through my fingers, to the keys, to the glowing screen....

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22 Jan Twin Perspectives

I have a twin brother. We are fraternal twins, which means that we are no more genetically similar than any other siblings. However, we did have a shared experience of the womb, we grew up in the same social and cultural milieu, and our shared childhood experiences created a unique familial bond. At the same time, we...

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