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29 May Jonah Lehrer on The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Jonah Lehrer on The Stories We Tell Ourselves from rumur on Vimeo. Making "All The Rage" was a long and winding path. About 6 years into the process, when I was recovering from a second bout of frustration-induced back pain, I stumbled upon an article in Wired Magazine by Jonah Lehrer called, "Why Science is Failing Us". The article was a...

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18 May Vision and Frustration

This morning I had a dream in which I was driving but I could barely see over the dashboard and I couldn’t reach the pedals. I had taken the car out of park and I was slowly rolling backwards in a parking spot. I experienced a mild sense of terror that the car was going to hit something, but...

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16 May Changing the Path

This morning my wife and I were talking about how pepole have a tendency to go down the same paths and repeat the same patterns even though we know what a mistake it can be. The unknown can often feel dangerous even though it also contains the possibility of freedom. As we talked I asked her to picture a...

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15 May Dyer on Winogrand

Last night I went to see Geoff Dyer talk about his Winogrand book at Duke. It was a very interesting talk- during which he focused on a set of images of women walking together- as if they were the same women years apart. When I did my mall project I had a crappy camera and an even crappier lens (I...

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10 May Empathy and Judgement

This morning as I set out on my ramble through the meadow, I was thinking a lot about judgement and empathy; more specifically about how judgement stifles communication and empathy facilitates it. Think for a moment about how difficult it is to talk to a parent, a teacher, or a boss when you know they are searching your words for...

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09 May Chaos and Outrage

[caption id="attachment_22141" align="aligncenter" width="3493"] - from post election anti-trump rally[/caption] There is no doubt that we are in a time of outrage and upheaval, much of which is facilitated by the media and it's cousin, social media. This is not a statement of blame, but instead, awareness. I believe the real culprit is an asymmetry in power that the culture can...

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