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12 Dec Photos and The Museum of Natural History

This weekend we went with to the Museum of Natural History in NY. When we lived in Brooklyn I made class trips with the kids and it was always nuts trying to wrangle 30 2nd graders within a mass of other classes. Thankfully, depite the snow, when we got there this weekend it wasn't too crowded. As we entered the...

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28 Nov Frosty Meadow Mornings

Last week I detailed a very fancy shoot of a frosty leaf. The last two days I did some back lit glamour work on weeds. kickstarting a book right now- please click through to check it out. ...

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20 Nov Moment to Moment

Yesterday I had the opening for my photo show of images from the meadow behind my house. It was great to share the work with friends. In some ways I always felt that the show - and the launch of my Kickstarter to make a book of the images- would mark an end to the project. I felt a...

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07 Oct Not Necessary to Negate

"I have to say it’s ludicrous to suggest Dr Sarno is responsible for pain being viewed as biopsychosocial these days. This truly misrepresents the facts and the decades of scientific research culminating in this conclusion. Where was Dr Sarno when Melzack and Wall developed the gate control theory in 1965? That is factually when the idea of bio psychosocial came...

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03 Oct NO, It is NOT “All In Your Head” but it very well might start there.

  Cultural blindness in regards to the power of our emotional responses to the world is often stunning. This blindness can involve deeply unconscious patterned behavior that includes fear, anger, sadness, much of which is repressed- and therefore not fully recognized. When we refer to someones's cultural blindness it does not necessarily imply "blame", but when presented with it, people...

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02 Oct How Frames Blind Us.

This morning, Vox published an article about Dr Sarno that I was quoted in. I was so disturbed and frustrated by the title, "America’s most famous back pain doctor said pain is in your head. Thousands think he's right,." that I did not post the article to our Facebook page. Instead, I wrote to the author requesting that they...

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