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16 Mar It’s the Media.

I just came across this old article about our 2005 film, "Code 33".  This piece focuses on how the film isn't "about" media but has a strong subtext that deals with it.  Our goal is often to follow a story that plays out in the media, from behind the scenes. Through this process one is able to discern on some...

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18 Nov The New News

This morning I woke to a voice message from a friend in Prague.  He was terrified that something terrible had happened at Occupy Wall Street because all of the live streams he had followed the day before, during the massive protests, were shut down.  He thought that either everyone had been arrested, or that all of the cell service had...

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09 Oct The Shift

If one were to judge the Occupy Wall Street movement based on my friends' facebook feeds, it would be clear that the revolution was over and that we had won.  Creative people would forever be free to be creative and the tyranny and corruption of "efficency" would be banished from the land.  As such I might have an irrationally exuberant...

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26 Sep Bread and Circuses

I stayed up late last night looking at footage from the occupy wall street protest.  For the most part it’s pretty mild stuff.  There are very few truncheons swinging.  Yet the tone of dismissal and power is overwhelming.  There’s a palpable anger among the officers even as the protesters remain non-violent.  What’s even more disturbing is that the white shirts...

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25 Sep NY Times Epic Fail

I haven’t been down to Wall Street yet. I almost went today with my 5 year old after we biked to Chinatown, but it felt wrong. I am in full support of raising questions and I am appalled by both the press and the police brutality. Part of the reason I haven’t gone is that I have a very hard time...

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12 Apr Picture is Locked

We locked picture (at least on the first reel) and the sound mixer, Alex at Resoundpost, is hard at work on the sound mix. In a couple of days filmmaker Greg King (Our House) will start doing finish work on the picture. This morning we have been working with our indispensable composer David Reid, who along with Derek Bermel, has been...

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