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22 Jun Dangerous Names

One of the key elements of Dr. John E. Sarno’s work is an understanding of the basic context of Dr. Sigmund Freud’s work. In an early interview that we did with Dr. Sarno he pointed out that in the 19th century mental illness was seen as a disease of the brain. It was only when Freud came along, and postulated...

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20 Jun ISIS Branding Slaughter and Perspective

This morning after dropping off my daughter at day camp I heard a long story on the radio about the successful social media branding campaign that ISIS has carried out through the use of psychotically brutal videos of torture and execution. The news anchor was incredulous that anyone might see these things and say, “I want to be a part...

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19 Jun The Sun Shines Again for Me

Growing up in Chapel Hill, I often came across a local magazine called "The Sun". As a kid interested in punk rock I was vaguely repelled by its intense hippie vibe. As a young photographer I was excited by the possibility of having some of my photos published in its pages. "The Sun" featured interviews with thinkers and healers, fiction,...

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04 Jun The Orwellian Award

Next week the Municipal Arts Society is going to give their annual Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis Medal to Bruce Ratner and MaryAnne Gilmartin. This award was created to honor Ms. Onasis' preservation efforts. Giving it to Bruce Ratner makes as little sense as giving President Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize. The Historic Districts council feels the same way. “We claim no ownership...

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02 Jun A Fable

Imagine for a moment that you move to a place where you don’t know the customs, or speak the language. It feels like you are living in a dream most of the time, and things don’t make sense in ways that you can’t put into words. While you can quietly observe what’s going on, when you try to speak or...

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