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Author: Michael Galinsky

13 Mar London Heathrow Walkabout

Both times that I have attended the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival I have made hundreds of images both on the way there- and on the way back. - Both times I have had overnight layovers at Heathrow on the way back that required me to get a cheap hotel. The first time I stayed in an area under threat...

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02 Mar how healing works

PROLOGUE This is a post about ritual, health, belief, and systems in general. Often, those outside a system have the kind of perspective that allows them to spot the flaws or anomalies within a system, while those who exist within it are often "willfully blind" to these problems. The case of Enron is a good example. To anyone who looked...

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02 Mar The Science of Not Knowing

A few weeks ago I was in Chicago showing All The Rage at the Gene Siskel Center. Having seen our film too many times, I ducked next door into a screening of "Jane", the documentary about Jane Goodall. There were several themes in the film that dovetailed with a lot of what I have been thinking about science, culture, and...

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16 Feb Trip to NY for Half-Cocked and Battle for Brooklyn

We moved fro Brooklyn to North Carolina over 4 years ago. It seems like yesterday and forever. We came back this week to discuss our film "Battle for Brooklyn" with a freshman class of business school students. The next day we had screenings of our films "Half-Cocked" and "Radiation". The screenings were amazing. I don't do much street photography in...

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08 Feb Art, Politics, Family

Cake Sleepyhead from rumur on Vimeo. I have a lot going on right now. I'm trying to juggle promoting old films, and newer films, restoring older films and records, and presenting semi-old films, while at the same time trying to start new ones. I'm also trying to deal with some photo stuff, some travel, and being a parent. Due to this...

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