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Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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Author: Michael Galinsky

22 Jun On Forgiveness

[caption id="attachment_19306" align="aligncenter" width="599"] self portrait at the end of tour 1997[/caption] The other day I read a story about meditation that focused on the power of forgiveness. The author discussed his experience of being hooked up to a machine that measured his brain waves while he was meditating. During this particular mediation he was focused on forgiving a...

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17 Jun Here We Go Again

Here we are once again, boot strapping a film into the river of distribution on a raft that keeps taking on water. We launch "All The Rage" at Cinema Village next week, and as usual, we are doing everything ourselves. Not only do we have to make the films, but we have to make all the distribution materials,...

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13 Jun The Pain Is Real. The Solution is Here.

[caption id="attachment_21050" align="aligncenter" width="1080"] While in San Francisco I went for a couple of long runs. One one I captured this image from the top of a hill.[/caption] This past weekend we had three profoundly moving screenings in San Francisco. With each event the sense that this film can bring about real change grows. We surprised everyone by filling the Roxie theater...

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09 Jun The Veil

Yesterday I was on my way to San Francisco to present two film as the SF Docfest. I happened to be sitting next to an older gentleman, Herbert Reichlin. He was reading the MENSA magazine and we discussed the letters section in which 4 different people had profoundly different responses to an article in the previous issue in...

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27 May New York Storied

I recently re-subscribed to the New Yorker. I hadn't renewed a few years ago because I had gotten overwhelmed by issues piling up on the back of the toilet. However, I came to miss the writing and the connection to what's "happening," culturally-speaking. When the 25 dollar subscription offer came for the 10th time, I decided I couldn't refuse....

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