RUMUR | Michael Galinsky
Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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Author: Michael Galinsky

17 Jan The Shifting Narrative

When I walk in the meadow making images, I often try to find new ways of seeing the landscape. I find that seeking new perspectives visually helps me to think differently about everything else. As I took a walk the other morning, I reflected on the flood of reports and studies that confirm the importance of the mind...

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12 Jan Art of Death

David Bowie's video for his song "Lazarus" was released 3 days before he died. It's a tremendous song and the video is even stronger. Yesterday, facebook was flooded with personal memories of people who had been touched by Bowie and his music. His fame allowed him to reach through the electrons of media and have personal relationships with millions...

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31 Dec United Scrooged us this Christmas

I originally wrote a short piece about the terrible experience that we had on December 23-24th while trying to get to Santa Fe for Christmas on United airlines. Then we had an equally screwed up experience on the way home that spawned 2 more posts. I have now combined them into one longer piece. I understand that in...

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30 Dec United Scrooged Part 3

Our Saga began with a 30 hour flight delay in Chicago on the 23rd of December, that saw us reach our destination in Santa Fe just in time for a wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. While trying to re-arrange our travel we had asked United Airlines to allow us to extend our stay due to the delay but they...

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29 Dec United Scrooged Us Again

Our saga continues. Last week I posted about our terrible experience of trying to get to Albuquerque for Christmas on United. Every step of the way they let us down. I complained on twitter and facebook and sent in a complaint letter. Someone on twitter got back to me and told me that a customer service rep...

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26 Dec United Scrooged Us

Our problems started when we booked flights for Christmas back in September. We thought that our kid’s school went until the 22nd so we got them for December 23rd on United Airlines. Prices were already very high and we only went with United because it was good timing and the best price. I had a terrible experience with...

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