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Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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Author: Michael Galinsky

16 Oct The Narcassistic Empath or The Empathetic Narcassist

Yesterday I wrote on Facebook that, "writing is inherently narcissistic". The post inspired quite a bit of commenting- some in agreement as well as some pushback declaring that instead, “writing is inherently empathetic”. I made a second post that declared, "writing is inherently empathetic… and narcissistic". The post was inspired by my work on a film about mindbody medicine....

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07 Oct Iceland

Last week we went to Iceland for a few days for the Reykjavik Film Festival. We had a couple of great screenings and we saw a few films. Mostly though I walked around and took pictures. ...

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05 Sep Horns and Halos- More relevant than ever

We made a couple of narrative feature films in the 90's that documented the underground music scene. They were shot on film and they were hellaciously hard to shoot. In 1999 digital video cameras began to get produced, and the quality was great for documentaries, and freed us up from the necessity of working with a crew. We...

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14 Aug Walling It Off

A decade ago I got a painful sore on my side. When my intern saw it, she showed me a similar sore on her leg that she had gone to the doctor about. He told her that it was a Brown Recluse bite because there was a lot of tissue necrosis (i.e. dead tissue). It turns out...

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13 Aug Not So Famous at Lollapalooza

Last night, I was looking for a trailer for one of our projects and I stumbled on a video that i put together for a song off of Sleepyhead's first Homestead album "Starduster". It's a super nostalgic video made from photos I shot in the early 90's when we were touring a lot in the US. Solid...

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