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Rumur, Documentary, Filmmaking, Brooklyn, New York, Video Production, True Crime
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Author: Michael Galinsky

04 May Four Birthdays and a Funeral

This picture, from my childhood home, was taken in the summer of 1984, when my mother was 49 years old. 30 years later I have moved back into that home, and I sit in the same spot to eat my dinner, and do my work. Throughout my life my parents have sat there reading the newspaper and paying bills. For...

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03 May Blunt

I think about my father in waves. I can go for weeks without thinking much about him, but then it seems like he’s everywhere, like cow pies in a pasture. We had cows in a pasture behind our house growing up, so that’s not a random reference. It's also kind of something he might say, except he would have used...

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02 May Throwback Thursday

Yesterday I started poking through a box filled with photos from high school. I'm living in the house I grew up in, and though we've relegated much of the past to the past, there are still closets and boxes (and even a room) that house the remains of the days. Photos age, well, they do, I believe. The shot above is...

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29 Apr Obscuring the Truth

“Battle for Brooklyn,” a documentary about the unending mess that is the Atlantic Yards project, is unabashedly slanted and as a result will probably be dismissed by those it portrays unflatteringly. That’s unfortunate, because this film should be discouraging and dismaying for people on all sides of the project, for what it says about oversize expectations and missed opportunities. Michael...

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20 Apr Doc Stories in the news

This weekend, the stories behind the stories of two of our documentaries, "Battle for Brooklyn" and "Who Took Johnny" are in the news in a big way. The New York Times reports that construction on the first Atlantic Yards residential building is a year behind schedule and wildly more expensive than planned. It also points out that the Greenland group...

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16 Apr Giannini, Buenos Aires answer to Steve Keene

Near the neighborhood of Palermo in Buenos Aires, there is a large indoor flea market. There are a few stalls with old lights and knick knacks, but the majority of the market is devoted to re-purposed furniture. However, in a small stall in the middle of the building we wandered into a shop run by an artist named Giannini. His...

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