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Author: Michael Galinsky

16 Sep The Biology of Hope

Dr Turk on drugs from rumur on Vimeo. When we interviewed Dr.Dennis Turk, the director of pain research at the University of Washington, for our film “All the Rage” he pointed out two very important facts about drugs to us. The first is that for every dollar that a drug company spends on advertising it sees somewhere in the...

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16 Sep Eyes Wide Shut

***this piece has been expanded since first being posted last night (aug 29) This morning I got an email from a friend who had seen our film "Who Took Johnny", which focuses on a mother's 30 year fight to get justice for her missing son. The subject of the email was, "Rotherham UK", and the email said, "U seen the story?"...

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24 Aug An Ice Bucket Of Ideas

My good friend, and filmmaking partner, David Beilinson challenged me to the ice bucket challenge.  I am of course pleased that this example of social viral action has led to a huge outpouring of financial support for research.  There have been many people who have minimized the amount of money raised, but it is undeniable that it is significant for...

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22 Aug EFT and The Power of Belief

Though I grew up in a culturally Jewish household I don’t think that we ever went to a Synagogue while I was growing up, except for a single Bar Mitzvah.  We didn't really discuss much about the ins and outs of religious holidays or rituals, but we did have the big book of Jewish Humor and the Woody Allen collection...

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02 Aug Books as Medicine

The link for this post was broken so we have re-posted Last week I heard on BBC radio that the National Health Service in England is instructing doctors to prescribe self-help books. The radio presenter seemed a little aghast at this idea and pressed a doctor by asking something along the lines of, “So you’re saying that you think that people...

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27 Jul 80

My family returned from our yearly visit to my wife's parents in Santa Fe last night. When we arrived home, the pool was a mess, and one of the thermostats for our AC had decided to die. I stayed up a bit late trying to shock it back to health to no avail. Thankfully I slept well,...

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