It’s the Media.

I just came across this old article about our 2005 film, “Code 33”.  This piece focuses on how the film isn’t “about” media but has a strong subtext that deals with it.  Our goal is often to follow a story that plays out in the media, from behind the scenes. Through this process one is able to discern on some level, how much our information is processed before we consume it (kind of like food).

One problem that we have with our methodology is that it is often confounding to gatekeepers.  “Code 33” is a great example of this.  The film got incredible reviews in places like Variety and Hollywood Reporter.  We held an industry screening in NY and most distributors showed up and loved the film.  However, no one believed they could profit from it.  The funny thing is, is that this movie is incredibly pop culture friendly.  It’s a well told cop procedural drama, where the cops get their man in the end.  After a long winding road we did sell it TV, but had to re-edit in a way that left a lot of the media critique on the cutting room floor.

Horns and Halos, Code 33, and Battle for Brooklyn are all ABOUT media, and our next film will be as well.

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