5 years later

Today is the 5th anniversary of my father’s death. My mom seems to be trying to join him. Yesterday she fell on some steps and cut her head badly enough to require staples. After poking, prodding, and some cat scans it was determined that she had suffered no long term damage. I wasn’t around – she’s in NC and I am in NY- but from what I gather she was determined not to spend the night in the hospital. She should have.

I talked to her last night and she sounded pretty good, but tired and worn out from the experience. I hope that it’s just that weariness combined with emotional strain from the anniversary, but she fell again today and cut her head again.

My sister, who lives near her, sounded pretty worried when I talked to her. She had just spoken to the EMS tech who was extremely surprised that she had been allowed to come home after her first fall. I understand my mother’s impulse to flee, but I too wish she had stayed at least to rest for the night.

My sister’s fear got me worried as well, but when i step back I can see that it almost certainly is related to the strain of dealing with my father’s death. When I saw her a month ago she was already working on holding in her emotions related to the anniversary. I hope that the hospital staff stays cognizant of this fact as they examine her today.

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