Picture is Locked

We locked picture (at least on the first reel) and the sound mixer, Alex at Resoundpost, is hard at work on the sound mix. In a couple of days filmmaker Greg King (Our House) will start doing finish work on the picture.

This morning we have been working with our indispensable composer David Reid, who along with Derek Bermel, has been creating tracks for the film*. David and Derek didn’t know what they bargained for 5 months ago when they agreed to give their time to the project. We were working via email but David lives about 300 meters away. In fact, Greg, David, and Alex all have one thing in common. They live and work within a mile of our home/office and within a mile of the Atlantic Yards footprint. We didn’t set out to work with only Brooklyn based people, it just so happens that we live in an incredible neighborhood, surrounded by talented artists who have a powerful sense of community. We are also using photos by AY documenters Tracy Collins and Jonathan Barkey.

Speaking of Brooklyn, we have some exciting news about showing the film here. We’re still working out the details but within a couple of months the film should be making an epic splash where it needs to be seen most. We’ll let you know where in a few weeks.

*In addition to the score that David and Derek have created specifically for the film, we are using a number of tracks by the band Tristeza. They have been incredibly generous with their music, and sent us countless tracks to work with. The one piece of music we still need is an Arcade Fire song- so if you happen to be friends with them- please let them know this is an important project 😉

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