Beastie Boys Are Right(eous)

As I have been working to promote a photobook of mine that was just published, I have been on the internet too much.  I tend to avoid clicking on videos because they can be rabbit holes that become black holes.  However, if 10 or 15 friends share something I realize that I need to see it.  This happened with that Bob Dylan interactive video. I don’t think that was terribly well executed, but it was an awesome concept.  Same thing happened with the Beastie Boys video that kept popping up.  I resisted it for a while and then clicked on it too.  I thought it was kind of cool.  I have two girls, and the idea of a company devoted to inspiring them to kick off the shackles of repressive stereotypes is refreshing.  I posted the following status to facebook, “bob dylan and goldie box/bboys – ok facebook – people are figuring out how make use of you.”

The point of the status was not to declare my total love of either video, but instead, in the context of social media, and viral action, to acknowledge the fact that while I resisted their seduction, I was seduced, and I didn’t feel completely dirty afterwards.  I understood why the beastie boys might have collaborated with goldieblox- and actually assumed that they must be really good friends with these people.  When I found out that no one had even discussed it with them, I did feel dirty.  I felt used.  Not only had I watched the damn thing, I had tacitly endorsed it.  Hell, I feel like suing you.

I like the beastie boys music, but I respect their willingness to grow, mature, and move on even more.  As such, this crap makes me angry.  The band has built up A LOT of goodwill over the years, and their fans, and fans of responsible artistry, are not happy.  You can’t have it both ways goldieblox.  You’re clearly trading on the association with the beastie boys and not parodying them.  Everyone I know respects the 1st amendment, fair use, and the right to parody.  No one I know thought this was parody.  Own up. Fire your counsel, apologize, put money (a lot of money- the money you wasted on your idiot laywer) in a fund and let Kathleen Hannah distribute it.  Then, you might have a chance at winning back support for your toys. Otherwise I can’t see you surviving the Christmas holiday.

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