When we travel with our other films we often talk about the ones we are working on. On Friday night I showed “Who Took Johnny” at the Docuwest film festival in Denver and brought up Dr. Sarno in the q and a. I asked if anyone had read his book. A gentleman in the back raised his hand and explained that he head been told that he had to have surgery for severe back pain. His wife refused to let the doctors touch him, and instead took him to a bar and got him drunk. He then read “Healing Back Pain” and he’s been pain free for years.

The lights were shining in my eyes, so I didn’t realize it till an hour later when I was talking with him the bar, that the person who had been helped by the book was Craig, one of the other filmmakers at the festival. We talked at length about the film and Dr. Sarno.


Docuwest is a very low budget festival so we were all staying on the festival directors floor. The next morning when I woke up Craig was wearing sweats, and I asked if he was going for a run. “Why, do you want to join me?” he replied. I explained that my calf is still very weak and I hadn’t run in a while. “What would Dr. Sarno say about that?” he asked.

I showed him how weak my calf was, and he told me it wasn’t gonna get stronger if I didn’t exercise it. I borrowed some shorts from our host and we went for a run. It was great. We didn’t run too far but we ran. All day long my leg got a little more sore and a little more tight, but I didn’t let it get to me. The evening was tough though. I took a red eye from Denver to Atlanta and was stuck in the middle seat. My leg felt sore and the claustrophobia didn’t help.

I made it home to North Carolina a few hours later and took a nap. Later that afternoon a friend came over and she wanted to go for a run in the meadow behind our home. I joined her. I’m sore, but stronger. Sometimes you just need someone to challenge you and knock you off the podium of your beliefs.

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