Criss Cross

Criss Cross

All through the process of making All The Rage we have had a series of fortuitous coincidences take place. Shortly after I got up off the floor from my last attack of back problems I was taking notes at my desk, charting all of the people that we needed to contact in order to make the film. The first name I wrote down was Dr Andrew Weil, because on his website if people search for help with back pain his main response is to read “Healing Back Pain”. About five minutes after starting the list I got a phone call from a friend who asked if my partners and I could shoot a video for him- of Dr Weil presenting a skin care product that he endorses and sells. Of course I said yes and about a month later we shot the video. I was able to tell Dr Weil about the film and he agreed to do an interview. It took a couple of years to get set up, but that made it possible.

A few months after I shot with Andrew Weil I went to shoot with Dr Howard Schubiner in Detroit. Just before I went he asked I wanted to fly in one his patients who had a somewhat spontaneous healing from a month long totally debilitating migraine by using his workbook (after listening to Dr Sarno’s book on tape and getting the ideas but not getting better). I told him that I could barely afford to fly myself there, so he helped her to come. I got to Detroit and shot with Dr Schubiner in the morning. A few hours later the patient, Vicky, arrived. When she walked in I immediately recognized her as a filmmaker that I had met at a film festival a few years earlier. Out of 30 million people in pain in America it just so happens that the patient he brought was someone I knew. We filmed a profound discussion between them. In fact it was so profound and intense that it was hard to fit it in the film. We tried to trim it down, but that felt like it was doing a dis-service to the complex story. We recently put it online. Vicky’s story has to do with having been raped and not dealt with the emotional trauma. That trauma was also connected to her expectations for herself and her relationship with her mother.

Victoria Bruce speaks with Dr. Howard Schubiner in 2016 on the Aftermath of Suppressing the Trauma of Sexual Assault. from rumur on Vimeo.

I was prompted to write his post because we just got this note from our good friend and talented artist/musician Jeff Mueller who was being photographed for a feature about his printing company Dexterity Press (great Christmas gifts;). –

“I have to tell you. Yesterday, there was a team of photographers here. Mid-way through the shoot the lead photographer launches into an early 2018 health issue saga, where he’d been in and out of care, and misdiagnosed for Chron’s disease, then a bacterial infection, then Chron’s again. Finally, he met with a doctor who said that his issue was caused by stress, and that there was nothing physiologically wrong with him. The doctor went on to prescribe a viewing of ALL THE RAGE. He watched your film, and after three months of burning agony in his gut, he woke up the next day with zero pain.”

All the Rage – Trailer from rumur on Vimeo.

This is such a powerful affirmation that the film is getting out there. When I asked further it turns out someone was complaining about Kidney stones, so the photographer told his story. Jeff had to explain that he knew us. In our interconnected world ideas can still take some time to spread, but once they do, the can catch fire. Please help us to make that happen by continuing to spread the word about All The Rage.

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