Day 2 EFT- I’m just saying

So, I have done the EFT thing a few times now and while i don’t know that it’s having any major effect I have to say I think I’m a bit more relaxed. In fact, my wife was a bit frustrated last night after dinner as she thought that I was kind of tuning out- but in retrospect realized that I was just more relaxed.

This morning on the way to the pool I was in traffic on the BQE and I had a guy hit me from behind when I was nearly stopped. A couple of weeks ago we were hit by a guy who ran a stop sign. I was furious, and I jumped out of the car and started yelling at the guy. Even as I did it, I knew it wasn’t the best way to handle the situation but wasn’t able to calm myself. It didn’t help my kids, and it didn’t help me. It was a week after this that my hip went out so badly and I know it was related.

Today, I felt my body tense in that way it does when you’re hit from behind. I took a deep breath, got out of the car and took a look. There was clearly some damage. A screw was sticking out of the bumper. The bumper wasn’t in the best shape to begin with so I wasn’t that concerned cosmetically but thought something might have been thrown out of whack. The other driver approached and He didn’t speak English. I pointed to the screw. He went over and pulled it out. I looked like it might have come from his license plate.

I did a quick calculation in my head. It was raining and we were on the crowded highway. It just wasn’t worth anymore discussion. I took his hand, looked him in the eye, and shook it gently. “OK”. I turned and got in my car and drove off. I still felt that whiplash tightness but it quickly dissipated as I drove away. I have to say I got a bit angry when we took the same exit and I saw him pull up next to me on the phone- but I let it go.

In the pool my hip hurt about the same as usual, but I was a little looser. I thought about how the idea of EFT helped me deal with the same Sarno issues by giving me a way to take a positive approach to the issues- rather than beat up that part of me that’s causing the pain it allowed me to be a bit more forgiving.

In any case, I’m feeling better so I’m gonna keep at it.

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  • Andrew
    Posted at 00:02h, 08 November Reply

    Keep Going!!

    The more you do EFT, the more you’ll begin to notice the changes within yourself.

    Yes, you can have the instant “Champagne Moments”. Other times the effects are subtly and cumiliative. It can be really good to keep a journal and just record your day.

    Just because you don’t have a “Champagne Moment”, doesn’t mean you’re not changing. It will be you’ll stop doing things, or begin saying thing differently.

    Others are more likely to notice a change in you rather than yourself. The more things you tap on, the more you’ll change. The more you’ll and your body will get use to releasing your negative emotions.

    EFT always works. Sometimes, it takes us time to catch up with our changes.

    Happy Travels.


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