Happy Valentine Day Suki

For some reason, when we were kids my father would give us rasainettes on Valentines Day. He’d wrap them up in red tissue paper and hand them to us when he came home from work. We weren’t big on ceremony, but this was one tradition he usually kept.

My younger daughter was excited about going to school today and giving every kid in her class a Valentine, but she was even more excited about having two snow days. Snow days will teach you a lot about love. Three days in the house, and the ice, with kids can test the old family bonds, but we weathered both the snowstorm and the emotional storm without too much damage. We’re learning

I took a walk this morning with our borrowed dog. He doesn’t like the sound of sleds, so when I crawled out on a pipe over the creek to take a picture, he bolted. I figured that he had run home and was happy to have it confirmed by a phone call. On the way back I stopped to take a few more pictures. I saw this heart shaped leaf in the path and it reminded me that today is Valentines Day.

Maybe I’ll give my kids some candy, and I’ll use this note to once again confirm to my wife that I love and appreciate her. Happy VD suki 😉

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