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I mentioned my craniosacral massage to my friend Gus the other night and he told me that he had been regularly going to acupuncture. It got him interested in the mechanics of it all so he started researching on the internet and stumbled across EFT or emotion free therapy.

I’m not going to go into the details – but it involves tapping certain spots on the body to free up negative energy… or something like that. It’s interesting because it sounded like it dovetailed with the HANDLE process that we have been doing with our daughter F.

F was having very serious problems with defiance and anxiety last year. A friend had used HANDLE with her son and it had done a great deal to help him with attention and learning issues. We had the handle person come by and evaluate our daughter and immediately it was apparent that there were several things out of whack that she thought some simple exercises would help. For example, when she put on a pair of glasses that had one red lens and one blue lens she saw red on one side and blue on the other. If a person’s eyes are ganging properly then they see some form of purple because the colors get blended. If the eyes aren’t ganging it can be incredibly taxing to make sense of the world as ones eyes are competing. A simple exercise of drinking a cup of water through a straw with her eyes closed helped to strengthen the ganging ability.

There are many similarities between EFT and Handle and in a sense craniosacral massage. All of these methods bring me back to Sarno. Sarno is pretty adamant that his practice has nothing to do with any sort of “alternative” medicine. I agree. At the same time I see a very clear connection between the way in which he discusses the autonomic nervous system disrupting blood flow- and the idea that energy flow is disrupted as discussed in acupuncture or EFT.

In any case I downloaded the EFT manual free and read through it. Some of it reads a bit hucksterish. I tried it out though and while I’m not all better in my hip, I do feel a bit more positive – so I’mma gonna keep at it.

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